Genealogy of Sharad Chandra Pawar.

MP Sharad Chandraji Pawar's work is as great as the history of his genealogy is close to the common man.

Genealogy of Sharad Chandra Pawar.
Family tree of Sharad Pawar

Genealogy of Sharad Chandra Pawar.

Hon'ble Member of Parliament for Maharashtra, Sharad Chandraji Pawar Saheb. Till date, while doing social work at the national level, he has held many important ministerial posts, including Defense Minister of India, Minister of Agriculture, etc. He has played a major role in the formation of Maharashtra. Saheb, who was the Chief Minister for the 3rd time, brought many industries for Maharashtra. Infrastructure, I.T. He has been instrumental in bringing companies to Maharashtra. At all levels, the masters have done and are doing their work vigorously.

MP Sharad Chandraji Pawar's work is as great as the history of his genealogy is close to the common man.

Saheb's ancestors migrated from Satara district to Baramati in Pune district.
Mr. Govindrao Pawar, Saheb's father, was a long time member of Baramati Shetkari Sahakari Sangh (Sahakari Kharidi Vikri Sangh). In the 1940s, he managed a student hostel. He was instrumental in setting up the Baramati Co-operative Sugar Factory at Baramati in the 1950s.

Saheb's mother Shardabai Govindrao Pawar's social contribution is great. She was elected to the local district board three times between 1934 and 1952. But she was also an ideal housewife. While working in our society, she took care of her house and agricultural affairs with the same stubbornness. On her and Govindrao Pawar's family, 5 well known children and one daughter were born.

MP Sharad Chandraji Pawar Saheb's eldest brother Vasantrao, second elder brother Dinkarrao, third brother Anantrao and younger brother Prataprao are four brothers and sister Saroj is from six of them. Everyone in the Pawar family in the society has contributed in different fields.

The eldest brother Vasantrao was a famous jurist. While he was practicing law, he ended up in a bail dispute.

Another brother, Dinkarrao alias Appasaheb, was a keen student of agriculture. As a student, he went to Israel to study agriculture. Adopted new technologies there. He later, started an ideal laboratory through the Baramati Agricultural Foundation. Through this, new experiments began to take place. Drip irrigation, using different technologies for agriculture, led to the development of agrobusiness. Appasaheb has made a great contribution in making Baramati Sujalam, Sufalam.

Appasaheb had two children. One is Rajendra and the other is Ranjitrao.

Carrying on his father's legacy, his eldest son Rajendra entered the agro industry. Baramati Agro has established its dominance in the well-known company due to its excellent work.

Dhura Rajendra of Baramati Agro and his wife Sunanda's son MLA Rohit Pawar, who is leading the Karjat-Jamkhed constituency. He is also the company's CEO. So competently handle his responsibilities.

MLA Rohit Pawar's wife Mrs. Kunti Magar Pawar has strong support. They have two children. The girl's name is Anandita and the boy's name is Shivansh.

Appasaheb's second son Ranjitrao is in charge of the wine industry.

MP Pawar's third elder brother Anantrao Pawar spent some time in Working for V.Shantaram's 'Rajkamal Studio'. They had three children. Two sons and a daughter. The eldest son, Srinivas Anantrao Pawar, is a renowned industrialist in the field of agriculture and automobiles.

The second son Shri. Ajitdada Anantrao Pawar who is currently the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The imprint of Ajit Dada's political work has left its mark on every people in Maharashtra. He has a place of respect among the opponents due to his very bold, daring decision-making ability and studiousness. He is also the Finance Minister of Maharashtra. Ajit Dada and his wife Sunetra Pawar has two son's. The eldest son Parth is active in politics. The other son Jay, is an entrepreneur.

Srinivasa and Ajit Pawar had sister named Vijaya Patil.

Govindrao Pawar's fourth son MP Sharad Chandraji Pawar Saheb is an all-rounder. The graph of his pro-people work is always rising day by day. He is the founder and president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). At the Center, he met as the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Agriculture, etc. an Hon'ble Minister. He held the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra three times. Maharashtra's prosperity has a lion's share. He is still working in various fields. He received many honors. Even today, his political, educational, industrial, sports, etc. the performance in the field is remarkable.

He is representing the NCP in the Lok Sabha. Mr. Pawar and Mrs. Pratibhatai Pawar has a daughter Supriyatai Sule.

Supriyatai is a popular MP from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). He is leading the Baramati constituency and her work as an outstanding parliamentarian is remarkable. Her work in various fields is invaluable. She has a reputation as a scholar of scholarship and courage. She has been elected as MP three times continiously. She has launched a statewide campaign against Stribhun murder, she has recently been honored with the All Mumbai Women's League, Mumbai Award for outstanding Contribution to Social Work.

Saheb's younger brother Prataprao Pawar is the managing director and chairman of Marathi daily 'Sakal' news group. He has been the President of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) Pune, Indian Newspaper Association and Indian Language Newspaper Association in Pune. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, Paris. Also nominated are Press Council of India UGC. He is also on the board of directors of several companies.

Mr. Prataprao Pawar's son Abhijeet Pratap Pawar is a businessman and philanthropist who is the President of AP Global and Managing Director of Sakal Social Foundation (SMG) and Trustee and Director of Sakal Social Foundation. He is also the founder and chairman of the Distributed Change Foundation (DCF), dedicated to bringing about socio-economic change in collaboration with the government. In addition, he is the printer and publisher of the Sakal Groven and Gomantak newspapers, as well as the printer, publisher, and editor of the English daily paper 'Sakal'.
Abhijeet's wife's name is Mrunali Pawar.

This is all about the Mr. SharadChandraji Pawar's family.