Marilyn Monroe and her mysterious life....

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer.

Marilyn Monroe and her mysterious life....
american actress marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe and her mysterious life

The world of cinema has always produced its own breed of celebrities and stars who are always remembered, cherished and indexed in the chronicle of the cinema world. Besides their talent, the glamorous screen image they produce, create a mass euphoria among the audience.

Marilyn Monroe, the legendary actress of yesteryear's occidental cinema, was one of those stars whose name still stirs the popular memory. Her magnetic personality, both on and off the screen, made a great news-maker of those days.

Marilyn Monroe, born with her original name Norma Jean Baker, had a very unhappy childhood, engulfed by miseries and hardships. She was destined to spent her childhood days in foster homes as well as in orphanages. Later she became a fashion model and subsequently got bit roles in motion pictures.

To begin with her film career, she was first featured as a dumb blonde and later as a symbol of glamour and passion though with an appealing wholesomeness and vulnerability. In 1952 and 1953 she attained stardom when she played waif-like characters in films like Don’t bother to knock, etc. her real achievement came in 1953 for her attractive role in a film titled Gentlemen prefer blondes. Thereafter, a series of box office hit movies followed with the release of films like How to marry a millionaire, The seven-year itch, Bus stop, and so on.  

Ambitious to be a serious actress, Marilyn pursued her acting career at the Actor’s Studio in New York City. In spite of her professional success she was a very disturbed person due to her deep-seated anxieties and the three broken marriages. Her last leg of life was full of tension and mental agony. Ultimately, she ended her life tragically by committing suicide. She did it by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. It was in Los Angeles on August 5, 1962. Thus, the life and career of a great American film artist met an abrupt and tragic end. Her scared and insecure life claimed as much attention as her glamorous acting career.