Suffering from skin related ailments?  Then know the 6 benefits of neem...

 In the Indian Vedas, neem is used as a medicine for all kinds of ailments.Neem is said to be the antidote to all diseases.There are two types of neem.One of them is sweet neem and one is bitter neem.Both have medicinal properties.But bitter neem has more medicinal properties than sweet neem.Modern research has shown that no one can touch the medicinal properties of neem because it is beneficial in many ailments.Neem tree is beneficial for many things.

Suffering from skin related ailments?  Then know the 6 benefits of neem...
See some exclusive health benefits of neem tree...| theganimikava

Neem is called Arishta in Sanskrit.Disaster means never ending, complete!  Neem is widely cultivated in India and has many healing and ayurvedic benefits.Therefore, neem has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine.Not only neem leaves but also the seeds, roots, flowers and bark of this plant contain many important compounds.  So these whole trees appear to be curative.

  The neem tree contains 130 different types of bio-compounds, which help the body to heal and support a healthy life.It contains a wealth of vitamins and fatty acids that improve every aspect of your health.  So let's find out what are the benefits of neem.

Cancer resistant

  • Neem has many health benefits.These neem have the ability to destroy cancer cells.
  • Everyonehas cancer cells in their body.But, it doesn't bother us at all.However, under certain conditions, the cell's ability to communicate is impaired.
  • So sometimes there is a chance of getting cancer.However, if neem leaves are consumed regularly on a daily basis, the number of cancer cells in the body remains normal.

Useful for bones

  • Neem leaves are rich in calcium and minerals.Therefore, neem leaves are useful for strengthening bones.
  • Also, if you have joint pain and knee pain, you should massage it regularly with neem oil.
  • Massagewith neem oil relieves muscle aches, joint pains, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and lower back pain.


  • Neem also acts as an antiviral.Over the past fifty years, researchers have shown that neem prevents many viruses, such as polio, HIV, coxsackie B group, and dengue, at an early stage of replication.
  • Neem has been shown to intensify both humoral and cell mediated response from the body during viral infection.
  • Neem has antiviral properties and has medicinal properties that prevent viral infections.
  • Neem boosts the body's immune system, boosting the immune system that works through the cells.  These T cells destroy toxins by infecting microbes and viruses.

Anti-fungal ability

  • Neem oil is considered to be useful in completely curing athlete's foot, ringworm and many other fungal infections.
  • Neem contains two medicinal compounds, Nimbidol and Gedunin, which are highly effective in killing fungi.
  • Neem oil contains essential fatty acids.These acids also help to heal wounds and keep your skin healthy.
  • Neem heals wounds and fungal infections without leaving any ugly sores behind.
  •  Neem also prevents septic infections.In addition, neem is a great source of moisture for the skin.  When neem oil is applied on the skin, the fatty acids in it moisturize and nourish the skin.This makes your skin look smoother, younger and does not grow on it.
  • Vitamin E in neem repairs damaged skin as well as controls the damage caused to the skin by the effects of environmental changes.

Improves digestion and helps in weight loss

  • Neem flowers are considered useful for the treatment of anorexia, nausea, belching and stomach worms.
  • Neem leaves are useful for digestion and metabolism and they help in secreting body fluids.
  • Neem is a bitter-tasting herb that helps in the release of saliva and secretions and activates the sense of taste.
  • Neem also helps in cleaning the cavities in the teeth and improving the sense of taste.As a result, the process of burning calories and reducing fat also speeds up.
  • If you are also looking for a safe and good way to lose weight in a natural way, then fresh neem flowers are the safest way to do it.
  • A mixture of neem flowers and honey is considered beneficial to eat on an empty stomach in the morning.  That is why this mixture should be consumed first thing in the morning.
  • That is why neem is considered as "One Tree Pharmacy" and due to its many medicinal properties, it has become an integral part of the range of home remedies.

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