The life Cycles Of Fashion...

Fashion is a real life way - the way you dress, how you dress, what you wear, where you shop, how you shop, where you wear your clothes and accessories, your lifestyle also describes your disposable income. so fashion and lifestyle are inseparable.

The life Cycles Of Fashion...
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Nowadays, fashion is considered to be a popular world-famous culture, which has been going on since ancient times.  Fashion falls into the category of clothing, uniforms, and furniture. Which can be used by everyone.

Fashion is a matter of culture.determines the prevailing style of inheritance. And we also see its very positive effect.  Fashion is characterized by revenge for what is happening.

Is fashion important for human life?

Yes, fashion is definitely important for human life because it allows people to express their personality through fashion.

• Fashion has been an important part of society and culture since ancient times in all ages. As the human world evolved, people began to evolve by creating a variety of items from textiles and different materials to wear. And fashion began to succeed in this area.

 What is The Life Cycles of Fashion?

Like any other product in the world, fashion has a life cycle of fashion. Fashion is a temporary cyclical phenomenon accepted by consumers in a particular time and situation. Fashion life is like a particular virus.  Fashion exists between a particular look, size or type of clothing.

• During the life cycle of each type of fashion, it is classified into five stages.There are five types of stages in this cycle such as introduction stage, growth stage, saturation / fame, decline / decline, decline, and fashion out stage.

Introduction to style :

• Introduction is the introduction of fashion or trend.

• This introduction is presented to the audience in such a specific way through a design door or outlet.

• Designers present new styles to the people by researching it and using new ideas.Designers create new designs using elements such as lines, shapes, colors, fabrics and details and their relationship to each other.

• Inorder to increase the cycle of fashion, we have various TV shows or fashion shows, TV commercials, magazines and advertisements to promote the fashion age.

 • Nowadays, the brand is a new move.  While a variety of new brands have sprung up, it is now being promoted only by specific brands.  And those products are only available in big stores or brands. In this first stage of the cycle, only style and novelty are shown.

• Many new styles are offered at a higher price. Designers are also helped financially if that style becomes popular.  

• And design can be given with some limitations on the quality of the raw material or the excellent workmanship.  

• The cost of production is high and as a result very few people can afford it. And sometimes even a small quantity of product gets a higher price.

Saturation :

• This stage is called as special stage. During this stage, fashion is generally normalized. Available in general stores in the market.

• And it clearly shows how long this fashion or this trend will last in the market.The duration of some products can be up to one year or even ten years.

Decline / Decline :

• In any type of product, there is also a downside.After a few days, when a product is traded, it becomes easy or even common in the market.

• At that time, such non-fashionable items are available in retail stores at discounted rates.We also often say that it is out of fashion. And since it is not the same trend, the item is easily available in any shop at a very low price.

• The price of a fashion product also falls during this period of the fashion life cycle. Especially during the period of growth, there is a big increase in prices. And during the fall, the price goes down. Finally, a discount of 60% - 70% is applied during that period.

• In the last phase of the fashion cycle, some consumers have already turned to new forms, starting a new cycle.Just because a style is out of fashion, it is rejected or the popularity of the item decreases.

Fashion Out Stage :

A fashion out stage is a shape or style that ends in its introductory stage, known only as FADS.  Were...

How long is the life cycle of fashion?

• Designers in the fashion industry say that the cycle changes every 20 years. After that, different new trends are created. It is necessary to change the trend over time.

• The trend changes every six months and new styles are launched.

Why the need for fashion?

• Fashion is very important in the society because it has the ability to bring different people together to celebrate their individuality. They are a united creator. Fashion is a great way to enjoy together.

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