5 Reasons why a desktop PC is better than a laptop...!!

If you’re thinking about buying a personal computer, chances are, you’re not 100 percent whether you want a desktop or a laptop. While a laptop definitely does have its uses, overall, the desktop is superior to the laptop. Here are reasons why you choose a desktop over a laptop.

5 Reasons why a desktop PC is better than a laptop...!!
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Laptops are so popular that many users are not considering any alternatives. In the meantime, in many cases, a desktop computer is a better choice.

1. Performance :

  • A desktop PC at a close price category is more powerful than a laptop. 
  • The main reason are size , heat dissipation and energy consumption. 
  • When developing a laptop, you have to take into account the restrictions imposed by the small size of the case, the need to save energy and ensure minimal heat.

2. Hardware :

  • Desktop models use full-sized components that are more productive than those designed specifically for laptops.
  • Thus, the laptop can be equipped with the latest processor for compact computers, but it will become inferior to the desktop PC chip.
  • Even a small increase in size allows the use of more productive components.
  • In 2020, there are quite compact cases, so the desktop model today is not necessarily a giant and heavy system unit.
  • The laptop screen is still small.
  • For a desktop PC, you can choose a monitor that meets your requirements not only for size but also for other characteristics, including those that affect image quality.
  • Important for web design and video editing professionals.

3. Durability :

Desktop computers are larger, so they cool better and heat does much less damage to their components than laptop components.

4. Modernization :

  • On a desktop computer, it is easier to replace components as they become obsolete.
  • Inlaptops, this is not always possible, and when possible it is more difficult and more expensive.
  • As a result, the desktop PC serves for years with periodic replacement of parts, and the laptop, when its performance has ceased to suit, will have to buy a new one.
  • Replaceable almost any part of the desktop PC.
  • The choice of components is wide, and the probability of incompatibility is small.
  • To change something on a laptop, a higher qualification is needed.
  • Everyone who handles a screwdriver with confidence will cope with the replacement of a desktop machine part.
  • The maximum that can be done with a laptop is to insert a larger RAM and change the drive.

5. Price :

  • A desktop PC with the same or similar performance is cheaper than a laptop.
  • Laptop computers are more expensive because they use more expensive components.

But this is not the only reason compact models are more popular among consumers and this allows us to offer them at higher prices. The users who can assemble a PC with their own hands, it will cost even cheaper.

In the above article , we will try to discuss about the difference between desktop and laptop ...I mean which is better..we are discuss the 5 reasons why a desktop is better than laptop...so must read this article and you also share your choice which is better for you...and share your experiences and suggestions in comments section...

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