Some useful tips and tricks about the Vastu...!!

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture and acts as a guideline to designing your home in the way that enhances positive energy...

Some useful tips and tricks about the Vastu...!!
See Some Tips To Never Decorate Your Home With These 5 items, negative energy comes Everyone likes to decorate their house...| theganimikava

Never decorate your home with these 5 items, negative energy comes
Everyone likes to decorate their house.

  • Whether the house is small or big, along with keeping it organized, people decorate it with decorative things and make them beautiful.
  • Decorating the house also brings peace of mind. But, have you ever thought that while decorating the house, what are the things that you should keep in mind? an object expert and astrologer, says, 'The effect of an object that looks beautiful is not necessarily beautiful.
  • Particularly bizarre things often attract the attention of people, but their arrival at home spreads negative energy. 

There are many things available in the market to decorate the house. But some of them are not good according to the object. 

Solet us know about what are the items in the decoration of the house which should not be used according to the object. 

Do not keep prickly plants :

  • There are many indoor plants. Some of these are also thorny. Some plants are very auspicious according to the object but some plants are very inauspicious.
  • There are many types of thorny plants in the market. People bring them inside for the purpose of decorating the house.
  • However, these plants are very inauspicious.
  • This can cause disturbance in your home. Also your partner may have quarrels with you.

Do not decorate broken things :

  • The article says about keeping broken or broken things in the house.
  • But, there are many such decorative items in the market which look different in appearance, but their banquet is broken and pointed. It does not recommend bringing such things to the house. 
  • Thereare many decorative objects of clay, iron and glass, whose fabric is not suitable according to the object.
  • If you keep such things in the house, then there can be a rift in your relationship. Also, there is so much negative energy in them that it can also worsen your economic situation. 

Architecture is associated with painting :

  • You will find many types of paintings in the market but, keeping in mind the object in the house, you should apply the painting.
  • Along with putting the painting in the right direction, also keep in mind that the picture in it is correct according to the object.
  • It is necessary to follow the rules of the object while painting the painting of horse in the house, dry wasteland, barren mountains, ruins etc. 
  • Paintings made on such subjects circulate negative energy in the house.

Plastic flower :

  • Plastic is not considered to be very good in the material.
  • In particular, plastic utensils, flowers and other decorative items spread negative energy in the house in terms of the object.
  • However, all these things cannot be availed, but fake plastic flowers should not be kept in the house according to the object. 
  • 'The mind is restless after seeing fake flowers. Also eating food in plastic utensils is not good for health. '

Do not decorate the house even with these things :

  • Do not decorate your home with animal skins, masks or photographs.
  • Especially if the animal is in the mud of violence, do not put such pictures at home.
  • Manypeople keep pictures of historic buildings or their suwanirs in the houses.
  • There is no harm in keeping them, but do not keep mausoleum buildings in the house.
  • Accordingto the object, the tomb or the pictures of war spread disturbance and negative energy in the house.

In this article , we try to express about the vastu tips , which is help you to guide about home vastu must read this article and apply above tips in your house and share your experiences in comments section...

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